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Since 1968, PB Pipe Guys in Bluffton, SC, have been excelling in repiping services, seamlessly transitioning homes from outdated polybutylene systems to the more durable and efficient PEX piping.

Dealing with aging polybutylene pipes or considering a comprehensive home repipe? Depend on PB Pipe Guys for reliable, expert solutions. Get in touch for an accurate estimate on upgrading your Bluffton, SC home with high-quality PEX plumbing today!

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Dealing With Polybutylene Piping in Your Home?

Encountering problems with polybutylene pipes, such as leaks, bursts, and the ensuing challenges of navigating insurance claims, is a widespread concern. This type of plumbing, infamous for its involvement in significant class-action lawsuits, poses a considerable risk to your property. As your trusted repipe specialists in Bluffton, SC, PB Pipe Guys are committed to guiding you through the process of replacing these problematic pipes. Our expertise ensures your home’s safety is significantly enhanced, offering you invaluable peace of mind.

Why is PEX Piping The Best Solution for Home Repiping?

Transitioning away from polybutylene isn’t merely a corrective measure; it represents a crucial investment in the longevity and value of your home. PEX piping stands out as the optimal choice for a durable and efficient plumbing overhaul. Renowned for its durability and resilience, PEX ensures that homeowners in Bluffton, SC, who choose to replumb their house are making a wise decision. Interested in understanding the cost to repipe a house with PEX? PB Pipe Guys are at your service, ready to facilitate a smooth and cost-effective upgrade to PEX piping, elevating your home’s plumbing infrastructure.

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Why Replace Polybutylene Piping?

If your Bluffton, SC home still relies on polybutylene plumbing, the time to consider an upgrade is now. The inherent risks of these pipes, including potential leaks and consequential water damage, underscore that delay could exacerbate problems.

Why Repipe Your Home?

Considering the cost to replace polybutylene plumbing or investigating the polybutylene pipes replacement cost? PB Pipe Guys are your dedicated repipe specialists in Bluffton, SC, ready to ensure a smooth, affordable transition to a safer and more reliable PEX piping system for your home.


What to Expect from the PB Pipe Guys


Prompt and Budget-Friendly Repiping Solutions

Rely on PB Pipe Guys for timely, budget-conscious repiping services in Bluffton, SC. Whether you’re looking at a complete home repipe or simply need to replace polybutylene pipes, we ensure your project is finished on time, without any unexpected expenses, for a hassle-free experience from start to finish.


Superior Customer Service Experience

Enjoy professional, courteous service at every step. Our Bluffton-based repipe specialists are committed to excellence, ensuring your plumbing upgrade to PEX or polybutylene pipe replacement is both stress-free and enjoyable.


Clear and Competitive Repiping Pricing

With our upfront, competitive pricing, surprises are a thing of the past. We’re transparent about costs, offering detailed estimates to make the process of replumbing your home or repiping your house with PEX straightforward and understandable.


Experienced Home Repipe Specialists

Our seasoned team brings decades of expertise to every plumbing project. From replacing polybutylene plumbing to full-scale repiping in Bluffton, SC, count on us for informed advice and meticulous execution.


Customized Repiping Solutions

Understanding that every Bluffton home has its unique needs, PB Pipe Guys offers bespoke repiping solutions. We carefully select materials like PEX and tailor our approach to tackle the specific challenges of polybutylene pipe replacement, ensuring your plumbing system functions flawlessly.


Streamlined Repiping Process and Comprehensive Warranties

Experience the peace of mind that comes with our efficient approach, safety focus, and meticulous post-project clean-up. Our commitment to your satisfaction is backed by robust warranties on materials and labor, reflecting our dedication to quality and your long-term contentment.

Our Home Repiping Process in Bluffton, SC

At PB Pipe Guys, we’re committed to delivering exceptional repiping services to homeowners in Bluffton, SC. We understand the significance of deciding to repipe your home and strive to make the process as seamless and straightforward as possible. Below is a brief outline of what you can expect when you choose us for your home repiping needs:

The initial step in our repiping procedure involves implementing protective measures for your home’s interior. We diligently lay down drop cloths and don shoe covers to shield your residence throughout the polybutylene pipe replacement process. Additionally, we ensure furniture in the working areas is covered to limit dust and potential harm, guaranteeing your repiping is conducted with the highest regard for your property.


With a specialization in polybutylene pipe replacement, our skilled team manages every facet of your home’s repiping. We promise a complete removal of old piping, aiming to replace any water pipes that are visible or obstructive, thereby minimizing unnecessary harm and debris.

Despite our meticulous precautions, some dust will inevitably result from the repiping. While we do our utmost to control this, it’s important to have realistic expectations. We suggest enlisting professional cleaning services post-repiping to restore your home’s cleanliness.


Following the successful replacement of polybutylene piping, we focus on the restoration of your home’s walls and ceilings. Our team skillfully repairs any affected drywall, striving to match your existing texture as accurately as possible. The final step involves color-matching and applying premium latex paint for a flawless finish. For those desiring comprehensive coverage, we offer extensive painting services to refresh entire walls.

Payment & Financing

Flexible Payment Terms & Financing Options

Concerned about the investment required for repiping your Bluffton, SC home, including polybutylene pipe replacement costs? PB Pipe Guys has you covered with adaptable financing plans. Acknowledging that upgrading your plumbing system represents a significant outlay, we aim to ease the financial burden. Our financing options are designed to accommodate your budget, allowing you to advance with crucial plumbing improvements without undue financial strain.

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